Our Story

From the very beginning, we made it a point to listen to our customers. 

We created IDENTITY because we saw a big gap in men’s apparel, particularly in smart casual and formal wear. We were a small team with a big dream. So we knew that if we wanted to make it, we needed to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Our model was simple: give people their money’s worth with a great selection of quality items. Then back it with a customer experience that goes above and beyond.

It was an ambitious goal, and it took a while to get there. We learned from our mistakes, treating every new challenge as an opportunity to do better. And in the end, we delivered.

It started with men’s trousers. Then we introduced a collection of button down shirts in different prints and colors. We eventually added socks, ties, and eyewear. The goal was to build an entire men’s line.

90% of our business was in wholesale distribution, catering mostly to department stores and retail outlets nationwide. 

But all that changed when the pandemic hit. Our entire business shut down. Department stores stopped buying from us, payments were delayed, and cash was tight. We had mouths to feed and people who depended on us. And like many businesses at the time, we worried if we would even survive.

Then we saw this massive shift to e-commerce. And to our surprise, there was a growing demand for our printed socks online. If people couldn’t go out, then the products had to come to them. We were already selling our products online, but it was only meant to complement our actual stores and wasn’t a major source of revenue.

So we did what we always do: we listened. Even though people were on lockdown, they still had a desire to purchase socks. And we were more than happy to fulfill it. (Apparently people like wearing socks indoors!) 

So we expanded our catalog—everything from plains to fun and colorful prints for men, women, and kids. Socks kept us afloat during the pandemic. In fact, it was our number one business driver in 2020.

We made sure customers had lots of choices out of hundreds of affordable items, and that they got them stat.

The world changed. And so did our business. But our model remains the same: a great selection of affordable, quality items, backed by an exceptional customer experience.

And we’re proud to say that, through it all, we stay true to who we are. We stay true to our IDENTITY.